New Season, New Rules

- 2 Split Competitions

First 9 Weeks = 20th October- 26th December 2022

Second 8 Weeks = 26th January-17th March 2023

Opt in for one or both with new registrations at the start of each. 

Prizegiving and Finals after each competition.

-All grades played at Cemetery fields except MASTERS and MENS which will be at clubrooms. 

-Clubrooms will be open to purchase drinks and socialise.

- Competitive and Social Grades. We have allowed for a maximum of 2 players from a competitive team to play down into social. NO more than 2 can play for both social and competitive as it beats the purpose of changing this. 

Kids Development year 1,2  //  Kids year 3,4,5 //  Kids 6,7,8 //   Family  // Masters //  Women  // Mixed Development (D Grade) // Mixed Social  // Mixed Competitive //  Mens Social  // Mens Competitive 

-$200 subs with prize money for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Due Date for subs =

27th October for first 9 week competition 

31st January for second 8 week competition, either online or to a committee member in cash. 

-$20 per kids team. Term 4 Competition. Register online. 

-Implementing new Touch NZ rules!!! 

-Online Registrations are now OPEN! Get your teams together. Online Registrations Closing 26th September for first 9 week Comp.  

-Referees NEEDED!! $10 Competitive grade per game and $7 social grade per game. 


- Full Uniform is a MUST for the first game. 

-Information desk will be situated at cemetery fields.

-If you need further information regarding the new layout, please contact Jess Drummond or 0273130864

Cemetery Field Layout

Field 9Field 8Field 7
Feild 4 Field 5Field 6

​​​​​​​Desk and Ambo Entrance

Clubrooms Field Layout

Field 2Field 1
Field 3


3 grades for 2020

  • Year 1 & 2 
  • Year 3, 4 & 5
  • Year 6, 7 & 8 

Must be mixed with 2 girls minimum and 3 boys maximum. 

Year 1 and 2 will have skills and drills with Terina and Co down at Clubroom Fields. 

$20 per team. Paid online with registration. 

2 points for a girls try.


To be considered a child, they must be under 10 years of age. Otherwise, considered an adult. 

There must be 3-4 children on the field at all times. Mixed gender if possible. 

Anyone can score.

No Subs but MUST supply a ref.

Remember this is a learning grade, not a grade for adults to out show the kids. 


$7 per game for social grades and $10 per game for Competitive grades. 

Collect referees top and rules card from Jess Drummond on first Thursday. 

Please let Jess or Kayla know of any concerns or complaints you may have. We want you to enjoy your season.

No abusing the Refs! Otherwise you can ref :)